The London Landmarks Half Marathon 2018


When this race was announced in 2017 there was loads of social media hype around it. When entries opened, demand was so high they were sold out extremely quickly & the website couldn’t cope. With such a high demand for this race would it stand up to the hype.

It was clear that on launch the race wasn’t a finished product & some things were still in the pipeline but communication from this event has been brilliant, regular emails have gone out giving updates a out what to expect, reveals of things like the t shirt & medal were staggered so the excitement & hype was maintained in the build up to the day. The striking yellow & pink branding of this race looks amazing.

The race packs arrived !

Straight away the package was on brand & when I found it on my door mat I knew exactly what it was & was really excited to open it & see what was inside.

There was the official race T shirt, the official kit bag, race bib with chip on & the race guide booklet.

Race Route inside the race guide booklet

The route looked a little complex with twists & turns but when you unpacked it with the details in the book it was clear you were going to pass so many Landmarks & the race promised ‘The Grand, The Quirky & the Hidden’

Scott Reynolds came with me. Scott has been my wingman at so many races but he has been injured for a fair few months so it was great to see him back in action & made me look forward to the race even more.

I had tweaked my ankle the week before running in the snow so neither of us were at full fitness we agreed to take it steady.

We got to the start & my only suggestion for future would be improvement to the bag drop area. Just send out all the baggage tags in advance with the race pack, I feel it caused delays tagging all the bags as people arrived & queues were quite long.

We reached the start line on Pall Mall ready to go & Amanda Holden said a few words, followed by a loud klaxon & we set off to Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkers. There were energetic cheerleaders next to the start line & we were away already excited for the race.

The first landmark came really quickly in Trafalgar Square we saw Nelsons column & Britain’s Smallest Police Station.

Apparently the officer who works there is nicknamed laptop…. because he’s a small PC ?

There were plenty of costumes around & within the first few miles I saw 6 guys dressed as some London Landmarks who looked incredible.

The costume themed cheering stations around the route included Harry Potter, the 80’s, Victorian London, Roman Londinium, & The Suffragettes to name a few, colourful & loud charity cheer stations also kept motivation high & with the London Landmarks all the way along here was literally always something to be looking at or interacting with & the time just flew by, I was never bored on this route.

I was making my race video & caught a few words with different runners & celebrities along the way who were running a leg each (but kudos to Jenni Falconer, she ran the whole thing)

I think the video really captures the atmosphere far better than I can describe in text.

You’ll see I spoke to TV & Radio presenter Jenni Falconer, adventurer Ant Middleton & many more.

Crossing the finish line amongst the celebrity group was fab & I was glad to have been able to catch a few words with them all.

After the finish line I also caught up with the guy dressed as the London Eye, Ben. They’d all dressed up in memory of a friend who had sadly passed away from cancer & had raised £20K for a charity in his name. Amazing work lads!

The medal was fantastic & opens like a locket.

I would give this race a solid 10/10 the bag drop wasn’t a big deal considering how good everything else was & I loved it.

If you raced don’t forget to head over to & leave a review which really helps other runners when choosing races & helps give any feedback you want to the race.

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