MK Marathon Training Update

Keeping it real here people, I’m struggling!

It’s not that I don’t want to be training well, I really do & I want a good race in the MK Marathon but so many things have conspired against me.

November I got that awful flu that was going round.

December was Christmas

January a chest infection.

February saw me working lots of overtime.

Ultimately when I have had free time, 50% of it I’ve felt too unwell, too tired or too demotivated to run.

Go back 6 months & running was my habit, I’d run come what may.

More recently these legitimate reasons not to run have formed into a habit of not running & I now find myself not running for no legitimate reason.

I really do need to break this cycle before it becomes permanent.

There’s 9 weeks to go so all is not lost & I can redeem this situation, but I cannot over train.

I cannot try the make up for lost miles, all I can do is go from where I am, build up some long runs, that probably aren’t long enough, but make the start line slightly under prepared.

That’s better than over compensating, injuring myself & not making the start line at all let alone the finish line.

I’m asking you all to get onto my Strava & absolutely hold me accountable.

If you see me not running ask me why the hell not, if you see me taking it easy, tell me I’m lazy & beast me back into shape.

Not every marathon training cycle goes to plan & you have to deal with all these unexpected issues, but if you’re struggling along ask for help too.

If you’re struggling too, don’t do it alone.

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