Inspirational Invitational – A YouTube Live series


I’ve started a new YouTube series which I’m calling Inspirational Invitational. What’s it all about?

Over the last 10 years of running I have met some absolutely awesome & inspiring running people. They all have great stories which I love hearing about & I just know that anyone who reads this blog or watched my YouTube videos will like hearing about them too.

So I figured the best way to do it is to get them on my YouTube channel for interviews.

This is something I dabbled with in the past when I interviewed David Hudson but when I did this interview it was pre recorded & uploaded.

Now don’t get me wrong it was a great interview to do, chatting with the winner of the Silverstone Half & hearing his story was amazing.

The only thing missing from it was live audience interaction & questions.

Now I watch a YouTube channel called The FOD Runner & he is doing a series called When Collaborators Collide & I saw how he was live streaming a video chat, interviewing his guests & live questions were coming in. Perfect! That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve so I asked him how he does it & he has kindly shared with me how to make this happen.

So I decided to go for it & my first guest Alex Staniforth came onto my channel with his stories of Mount Everest & surviving an avalanche, as well as his current training for the Manchester Marathon.

Click the image to see the interview on watch back.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel & be sure to click the bell notification icon so you get an alert every time I post a video. This way the next one you will be notified & will be able to engage in the interview with questions.

Keep an eye on my Instagram , Twitter etc. To find out when these will be I’d love as many people to engage as possible so you can find out what you want to know from the really experienced & inspirational people I have lined up for you.

Please help me make this a success & enjoy it!


Episode 2 – Denise Larrad

Episode 3 – Alistair Rutherford a.k.a. The Running Viola

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