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I’ve entered a few ballots to get into big events this year with varying levels of success but the results are in! I’m ready to share my 2019 plans. (more…)

The UK Blog Awards


I had some great news this week! I’ve been nominated in the UK Blog Awards – Sports & Fitness category & I need your vote please.


Pacing the Manchester Marathon 2018


This year I chose The Manchester Half Marathon as my autumn pacing event where I lead the 1 hour 55 minute group, are you ready to be motivated?


The GoPro Hero 7


I cannot tell you how excited I am about the launch of the new GoPro Hero 7 for a runner this camera is the answer to our prayers!


The Serpentine Swim 2018


If you follow me on Youtube or Instagram you’ll know I’m a runner, not a swimmer, so why on earth have I taken on The Serpentine Swim? There’s only one reason and that’s to complete the London Classics. Not heard of it? Read on…….


The Great North Run 2018


The Great North Run was my first big goal in 2009 when I started running, and 2018 would be my sixth time running from Newcastle to South Shields. It’s fair to say this race has a lot of history, and it’s also heavily connected to my own running journey. So what is it that makes me drive 5 hours each way again and again? What keeps me going back to the North East?


The 401 Festival of Running 2018

If you’re a runner, there’s a damn good chance you’ve heard of Ben Smith and The 401 Challenge. Ben ran 401 Marathons in 401 Days and won BBC SPOTY Unsung Hero Award in 2016. When I met him in January 2018 on the The National Running Show‘s Tow Path Challenge, and heard about the 401 Festival of Running I had to get involved.


FitQuest Machine Test


I was recently offered the chance to pop to Waterloo & go to The Gym Group where I could test the new FitQuest Machine. I had no idea what to expect but I went for it & here’s what I found out.


Cancellation of the Gloucester City Marathon 2018


I’ll say first & foremost I hadn’t entered this race, nor have I ever taken part previously, but when I heard of the circumstances of the cancellation of the Gloucester City Marathon I had to look into it.


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