FitQuest Machine Test


I was recently offered the chance to pop to Waterloo & go to The Gym Group where I could test the new FitQuest Machine. I had no idea what to expect but I went for it & here’s what I found out.


Cancellation of the Gloucester City Marathon 2018


I’ll say first & foremost I hadn’t entered this race, nor have I ever taken part previously, but when I heard of the circumstances of the cancellation of the Gloucester City Marathon I had to look into it.


MK Marathon 2018, being an Ambassador


The MK marathon was my second marathon in as many weeks. This is not advisable at all to do this so how did I end up doing it?


Ministry of Medals


The virtual running market is growing & new providers of virtual races are popping up online, so I’m checking out one of the newer ones Ministry of Medals to see how they fare.


The Running Awards 2018


In March 2016 I started posting YouTube vlogs about races I was doing & by 2018 I was shortlisted in the final 12 for best blog at The Running Awards.


Inspirational Invitational – A YouTube Live series


I’ve started a new YouTube series which I’m calling Inspirational Invitational. What’s it all about?


Women’s Running Readers Awards 2018


I’ve been nominated in the Women’s Running Magazine reader awards for best influencer.

I’m really not sure why women would like to see my face in a magazine but…..


This Dad Runs


I was recently contacted on Twitter by This Dad Runs asking if they could feature me alongside a few other running Dads for their new website launch.


The London Landmarks Half Marathon 2018


When this race was announced in 2017 there was loads of social media hype around it. When entries opened, demand was so high they were sold out extremely quickly & the website couldn’t cope. With such a high demand for this race would it stand up to the hype.


Not the Reading Half Marathon 2018


Well….. snow still seemed determined on disrupting races up & down the UK & The Sage Reading Half was no different


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