I’ve entered a few ballots to get into big events this year with varying levels of success but the results are in! I’m ready to share my 2019 plans.

The Tokyo Marathon & London Marathon are not to be for me in 2019. I have an ambition to complete the Six World Marathon Majors & Not getting into Tokyo was of course a set back but I didn’t let that dissuade me & quickly entered the ballot for the Berlin Marathon.

I was delighted when I got that email to say I was in Berlin! Having run the Frankfurt Marathon in 2018 which was my first trip to Germany, I learned it’s a great place & I cannot wait to see another of its cities & take on my second World Marathon Major.

If you read my previous blog about the Serpentine Swim you’ll know I’m also looking to complete the London Classics trio with the London Marathon, & The Ride 100 London. To this end I also balloted for the last instalment, the ride, but sadly I wasn’t successful. I was gutted I really wanted to complete the classics this year & as I thought of the prospect of waiting another year to maybe just be refused again.

I couldn’t deal with it so I decided to flip the script, make something positive out of it, & I’ve taken a charity spot in Ride 100.

This is great because I hadn’t yet picked what event I’d use in 2019 to raise for a good cause & I hadn’t yet decided which charity to support.

So I’ve chosen to support Bloodwise a charity that deals with blood cancers. I never met my father in law as non hodgkins Lymphoma had taken him some years before I met my wife. He never got to see her in her wedding dress or meet his grand daughter & my mother in law supports Bloodwise annually at the Great North Run

Bloodwise were formerly called Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research & those who’ve followed my journey for longer will recall I ran the 2015 London Marathon for them following the death of my friend & colleague Roger, taken by Leukaemia

As you can see it’s a cause close to my heart & I’d really love to raise a good amount for Bloodwise so please DONATE

No donation will be too small & every single one will be gratefully received.

Another random announcement is that I have set up an Amazon Shop.

If you visit my shop the system registers that I referred you to the site. You don’t have to buy the products in my shop but for about 30 days if you buy anything else on Amazon the shop receives a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra, the commission comes out the profits of the seller.

It basically costs you nothing extra than you were going to spend but it’s a free way for you to financially support this blog/vlog which ordinarily helps me cover kit but from now until Ride 100 anything earned through this method is going to go to Bloodwise. If you were going to shop on Amazon anyway please get there via my ‘shop’

Thank you for reading about my 2019 plans & if you donate to Bloodwise through my Donations page thank you very much.

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